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                              What are Condominium loans in Singapore

                              The mortgage is one of the loan types available for the purchase of condominiums in Singapore. There are many options available for this type of loan like the re-finance, cash out, home improvement, equity loan, purchase loan and others. The first step is to choose the condominium and apply for the mortgage loan. When you contact the seller with the details you can hold the condo reserved in your name for the next 15 days. For this, you need to make an upfront payment to the seller as per standard norms. Then you have 30 days more for making the second payment. Within this time you can apply for the mortgage loan and get it approved.

                              We have talked about an executive condo in the previous post. Take a look at The Tapestry Condo, one of the latest launch in Singapore in 2018. Is definitely one of the dream house that a family would love to own. But to get it, you need to understand the loan. If you?are intending to profit from rental income, then you need to understand the costs associated on in renting a condo on top of the mortgage that we discuss here.

                              Mortgage Regulations

                              According to the regulations governing mortgage in Singapore, you could be eligible for 80% of property value as a loan if your credentials are evaluated and found to be valid. For the second purchase, you can get up to 50% of the property value as loan. The repayment period could extend up to 30 years depending on the terms and conditions of the lending company. The installments will be equally distributed for every month with the calculated interest at the rate as applicable.

                              Fixed Rate Mortgage

                              The fixed rate mortgage stays constant throughout the repayment period. The interest could be bit higher compared to the floating rate in some cases. But you get to plan for the repayment in an organized manner due to the consistency in the net repayable value (principal + interest). The other advantage is protection from fluctuating interest rates which could become unpredictable.

                              Variable Rate Mortgage

                              The interest rate might vary (up or down) depending on the market conditions. The mortgage company depends on the external sources for procuring the money to loan you. When the market rate decreases the benefit is passed on to you. On the other hand when the market rate increases you pay more interest. The choice between the two options will be entirely on you. Hence you can take the help of a mortgage consultant to get the accurate information about the pros and cons of each type before taking a decision.

                              Mortgage Loan Provider

                              Private Banks in Singapore can provide condo mortgage loans at affordable rates for the PR and foreign nationals. Many of the banks allow you the privilege of getting the repayment period up to 35 years. The condition is that the sum of your current age and the loan repayment period should not cross 75 years whichever is lower. Just like the private banks, you can also find many private financial institutions that can provide the mortgage loan. You need to approach the helpdesk to get the accurate and detailed information about the procedures.

                              Check out this video talking about the different mortgage loans available:

                              Initial Loan Documents

                              You need to submit certain important documents along with the completely filled application form. Some of the banks do accept e-formats of applications while the others may insist on officially printed forms to be filled and submitted in person. This could be one way of getting acquainted with you personally before processing your application.

                              • Passport: – You need to submit copies of your passport (all the pages) and the original at the time of verification. You can get to know about the validity period as expected by the bank authorities. This is one of the most critical criteria to determine the loan repayment period which can be allocated to you. In some cases, you might have the option of renewing your passport just before its expiry and still continue to get the loan privilege.
                              • Income: – You need to submit all your documents related to the sources of income. They could be your salary credits, employment document and the statements from your bank. Some of the lenders may ask for three previous months while the others may insist on six months or more. Your salary credit could also be in the form of pay slip you get from your employer/ company. If you are the freelance or self-employed person you need to submit the bank transactions and the details related to the evaluation of tax payments. This is a form of assessment done by the related tax departments of the Singapore government related to your self-employed job or business. Some of the banks might ask for previous two years of assessment while the others might opt for more or less.
                              • Agreement: – The sale/buying agreement copy between you and the seller has to be submitted to the lending authorities at the time of submitting the mortgage loan application.
                              • Insurance: – The basic insurance you need to provide your condominium is against fire accidents. This is the premium which you need to pay to the bank until the completion of the mortgage loan. Apart from this, you might need to take up insurance against natural calamities and other nature of damages. You can speak with the mortgage insurance specialist to know more details about the other types of mandatory and optional insurance schemes.

                              Interest Rates

                              The interest rates charged by the private banks and financial institutions could be based on parameters under two categories, namely the interbank transactions and the individual bank terms and conditions. The fixed rate and the board rates are based on the individual banks. They might vary between two banks. The other two parameters are the Swap Office Rate and the SIBOR. They may have the direct relation to the loan rate. In some other instances, the impact could be indirect.

                              Lock in Period

                              This is the time during which the loan repayment cannot be completely cleared before the scheduled date. In such cases, the bank can impose a penalty on you. The other clause in this period is the fixed interest rate charged by the bank. They cannot increase the rate within this period in spite of the variations in the market. Hence you have a benefit and a risk associated with the lock-in period. Some of the banks might have locked in the period of 2 years while the others may have none.

                              Oh, before we end our post for today, for those who want to check out The Tapestry Condo that we mentioned earlier, you should!

                              How much do you need to buy a Singapore Condo

                              How Much Do You Need to Buy a Singapore Condo?

                              Previously SICOM blog on Singapore Condominium Investment??Some of the readers comment and may be interested to know how much money you need to own a condominium instead.?This post will tell you whether you can afford one of that luxurious property in Singapore.
                              Staying in a condominium feels different from staying in an HDB flat. There is security post to ensure safety, a swimming pool, a gym, barbeque pits for relaxation after works and most importantly is also the feeling of a high-end living environment. It gives someone a rich feeling perhaps?
                              We found a video from CNN to show you what it looks like to have luxurious living in Singapore:
                              Nowadays condominiums are going high tech. My uncle’s condominium, which he just bought last year, has an auto lock door function pre built in.?Now, you may be looking at one of these condos:

                              Hundred Palms Residences

                              Le Quest New Condo

                              Nice to have a gym with a nice urban scenery? How much is the price? Here you go:

                              Condos in Singapore vary in price, based on which district their in. The priciest districts are 9, 10, and 11, which include Orchard Road, Tanglin, and Sentosa. These condos cost so much money ($6 million or above is not uncommon), we suspect CNB checks your car for smuggled heroin if you so much as step in the showroom.

                              Most Singaporeans though, when they talk about condos, are referring to mass market condos. These are condos in the Outside of Central Region (OCR), in places like Tampines or Clementi. For the purposes of this example, we will assume you’re looking at one of these more typical condos, which will cost around $1.2 million.

                              I hope you expected that it was this price. Did it dash your hopes of buying a condominium? Time to break down the money you need in order to own one of these.
                              Most likely an average person will go for a 2 bedroom or a 2 + Study type. Let’s make the price at $900,000 for easier calculations.

                              Can you afford a $900,000 condominium in Singapore?

                              Maximum loan tenure you can take from the bank is at 35 years now. The maximum loan amount you can take is 80% of the market value of the house. This is only for loan tenure of up to 30 years. If your loan if more than 30 years, you can only borrow 60% of the market value of the house. This is the Loan to value (LTV) ratio.
                              Another thing to take note is the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). It is at 60% currently. This means you can only use a maximum of 60% of your gross monthly income to pay for all loans. This includes all your other loans including car loans, credit card debts, students loans and personal loans etc.
                              Let’s say you do not have any other loans currently so you can use up fully the 60% ratio. You also take the maximum LTV ratio at 80% so loan tenure is 30 years.
                              Below are the summarised details:
                              • Property Price: $900,000
                              • Loan tenure/period: 30 years
                              • Loan amount: $720,000 (80%)
                              • Down payment: $180,000 (20%)
                              The monthly repayment when calculated based on a 2% interest will be?$2661/month.

                              You can only use 60% of your gross income to pay the loans. This means you need a monthly gross income of?$4435.

                              *However, MAS requires financial institutions (FI) to use a higher interest rate of 3.5% when calculating monthly loan repayments. Thus, at 3.5% you’re required to have a gross monthly income of $5388.53 to qualify for a $720,000 loan for 30 years.

                              Now, having an income of $5388.53 sounds quite easy especially if you are a degree holder working at the manager level. But don’t forget, you still need to pay 20% down payment. This amount is $180,000. Now, it doesn’t look that cheap anymore. Furthermore, you can only pay 15% of the 20% down payment by?CPF?and you’ll need to pay 5% of it by cash or cheque. This is 75% of $180k by CPF and 25% by cash. This sums up to $45k by cash.
                              *Do take note that there is a Mortgage servicing ratio (MSR) of 30% for Executive Condos (EC) bought directly from developers. This means you can only use 30% of your gross monthly income to pay for EC housing loan instalment.
                              In any case, even if you can afford the down payment, I don’t think you’ll want to use 60% of your income to pay the monthly instalment. By the end of every month, you’ll be left with nothing much. It is also dangerous to have such high ratios of debt to income. In the event you lose your job, you’ll be stressed out.
                              Probably an income of?$8870?would be comfortable to own a condominium. In this way, you’ll only be using 30% of your income for the property.
                              P.S: If you’re unsure about your loan eligibility or wish to apply for a new housing loan, contact us for a complimentary consultation today. I’m a mortgage broker who compares the rates against 16 different banks and financial institutions in Singapore to provide you with the best housing loan package at the lowest interest rates. Refinancing enquiries are welcomed too. Click?here?for more information on the services I provide.

                              *Disclaimer – The above calculations are used for illustrations only. It does not reflect the actual loan that you will qualify. When in doubt, check with a licensed financial institution for more information.?

                              Investing in a shop space for music classes. Is it worth it?

                              I have a friend who is an accomplished music teacher in Singapore. He wishes to start a career in music teaching, by setting up his own music school. So the first step to start any class, is to find a location, or a space where he can conduct classes.

                              However, we all know that Singapore is a land-scarce area, and hence, rental rates for spaces are usually high. But again, instead of just looking at the high price, we have to see if it is worth it to rent a shop space for lesson!

                              So in this article, let’s examine and help this friend of mine to decide if an investment in a shop space in Singapore is worth it.

                              Location Location Location

                              First of all, a shop space is not just a space to conduct classes. A shop space is also one where you can use to get students. If you want to get more students to your classes, it is important to be located in somewhere popular, or in estate or residential areas where there are families staying around. This will give you higher chance of people walking by and registering for classes with your centre.

                              When you talk about popularity and human traffic of the shop space, the rental rates will also vary. The more popular it is, landlords will definitely want a higher rental rate from you. This is because of opportunity cost. If you don’t want to pay the high rent, the landlord can still rent it to someone who is willing to pay. Hence, they won’t ‘discount’ the rental rate for you, for whatever reason.

                              As a result, shop spaces in shopping malls are always high. Even higher in central shopping malls, shopping districts where there are always many people all day round.

                              Students Students Students?

                              So a shop space is one consideration.

                              Another consideration? Where to find students!

                              Your music school is not really a music school, if there are no students learning there! So to get students to your school, the easiest choice is to open your school in a busy shopping mall, with lots of people, and hopefully parents and kids will walk by, and register classes with you.

                              On other hand… what if you can’t afford a shop space in a popular shopping mall?

                              Don’t fret!

                              Here’s another solution.

                              Register your studio with a piano agency like Singapore Pianist. ?It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching kids or adult piano lessons. The agency will help you match students suitable and match your requirement. In other words, let the agency do the work for you.

                              You just focus on teaching the students well!

                              Does Location Matter?

                              Back to our first question.

                              If I can engage the help of a piano agency to get me students, and not paying high rent for my music school in a popular shopping centre, where else can I conduct the classes?

                              Some piano teachers start off by teaching in their own home, or in their parent’s condo, as long as there’s a piano at their place. As long as it is convenient to travel to, more parents are fine to travel to the teacher’s place.

                              So…Is a shop space?worth the investment?

                              We can’t say it is not worth it. However, we have to see the return on investment, for every investment we put in. A shop space may get high foot traffic, compared to your own home studio. But the high rental may set you back in the loss for at least 1 year, before you can start making profits for your music classes.

                              As such, it is better to start off by paying low rent (or use your own place for FREE rent…) and invest in agency services to help you get students. There’s where you can start seeing earnings into your classes!


                              Is Executive Condominium Worth Investing?

                              Previously, we have written a post about condo investing. Since then I have received some emails from readers asking what are some interesting property buys in Singapore. One of a special property structure available in Singapore is called Executive Condominium (or EC in short). Today

                              Today SICOM will be discussing with readers what is EC and more importantly is it worth investing for. Also, I will be also sharing one of the latest launches in Singapore, Hundred Palms EC at Yio Chu Kang Road.

                              What is Executive Condominium (EC)

                              Executive Condominiums, or EC, are a type of housing in Singapore. First built in 1999, EC is a hybrid of the public and private housing. They resemble private condominiums and are enclosed within a gated compound with security, amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds and so forth. They are also built and sold by private developers, but at a price lower than private homes because their land prices are subsidised by the Government. Additionally, buyers can take Central Provident Fund (CPF) grants to pay for an EC bought from a developer.

                              Hence an EC is subject to some regulations that apply to HDB flats.

                              Buyers’ household income must not exceed $14,000, in order to qualify for an EC. This limit was raised from the previous $12,000 in August 2015.

                              For direct purchases from a developer, there is a minimum occupancy period of five years; during which the EC cannot be sold or rented out whole. After five years, the EC can only be sold to Singaporeans or Singaporean Permanent Residents (PRs). Only when the development reaches ten years old can it be sold to foreigners.

                              In December 2013, HDB announced that Executive Condos will now be subjected to the Resale Levy. This is a lump sum payment made to HDB when you purchase a second subsidised home. However, this only applies to ECs whose land sales were launched on or after 9 December 2013. At present, there are still a few ECs available that are not subjected to the Resale Levy.

                              Eligibility for Hundred Palms?EC

                              This is a brief discussion about the eligibility to own an executive condominium such as Hundred Palms EC. To have a quicker check, feel free to contact our friendly agent and we will help you do a quick ground check:

                              Family nucleus

                              You will need to qualify for?The Hundred Palms Residence Executive Condominium?(EC) under one of these eligibility schemes:

                              • Public Scheme

                              • Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme

                              • Orphans Scheme

                              • Joint Singles Scheme


                              • You must be a Singapore Citizen

                              • At least 1 other applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

                              • All singles must be Singapore Citizens if applying under the Joint Singles Scheme


                              • At least 21 years old

                              • At least 35 years old, if applying under the Joint Singles Scheme

                              Income ceilingYour household income must not exceed the $14,000 income ceiling.

                              Property ownership

                              • You do not own other property overseas or locally, or have not disposed of any within the last 30 months

                              • You have not bought a new HDB/ DBSS flat or EC, or received a CPF Housing Grant before; or, have only bought 1 of these properties/ received 1 CPF Housing Grant thus far

                              Why can be Executive Condo attractive to you?

                              An Executive Condominium (EC) comprises a potentially lucrative option for first time home buyers. Indeed, often lauded as the perfect home for the Singaporean sandwich class – those who essentially earn too much to qualify for an HDB but not quite enough to invest in a condo – the Executive Condominium is a public-private hybrid reflecting both the attractive prices of public housing and the superior comfort of private condominiums.

                              While private condos have been part of the Singapore landscape since the early 70s, Executive Condominiums are a relatively new invention, only joining the scene in the late 90s. Singapore has, from its inception, followed a policy favouring homeownership, and as the society developed a stronger middle class, new ways had to be found to house its increasingly affluent population.

                              Disregarding the rules and stripped of its public characteristics, the Executive Condominium is in its physical form not just similar but absolutely identical to a condominium. It shares both in its enhanced comfort and rich variety of amenities such as swimming pools, private parks, tennis courts, 24/7 security and the like. For the above reason, the Executive Condominium becomes an obvious choice for those Singaporeans who can afford a little more than an HDB but cannot stretch to a private apartment.

                              However, if you are in the situation where your finances allow you to make a choice between an executive condominium and a private one, then the decision is a little tougher. To this end, we shall lay out precisely in what scenario, and under what circumstances you may want to give Executive Condominiums a chance before rushing head over heels into the private sector.

                              Important Thing to note!

                              Executive Condominiums were designed to serve as homes rather than investment options. To this end, anyone who buys an Executive Condominium has to live in it for at least 5?years before it can be sold on, and even after half a decade has passed you are restricted in that you can only sell the flat to Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

                              Subsequently, HDB bars foreigners from buying Executive Condominiums for another 5?years. After a full decade has passed the Executive Condominium effectively transforms into a private condominium, and it may as such be sold to anyone on the free market.

                              To contextualise the measures a little, Executive Condominiums are state-subsidized and meant to enhance homeownership for Singaporeans, not the investment opportunities for real estate moguls. As such, you will not be able to profit by buying a flat from the government and then selling it on when market prices surge.

                              While it is a constraint, the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) does not harm anyone who primarily views an Executive Condominium as a roof over one’s head, and intends to actually live in it.

                              About Hundred Palms Residences

                              The new Hundred Palms Residences EC land parcel attracted 10 hopeful bids with Hoi Hup Realty emerging winner with a top bid of $183.8 million. The land cost translates to a land cost per square foot per plot ratio(psf ppr) at $331.02 and an estimated Hundred Palms Residences EC price to be in the range of $750 psf to $800psf.

                              Why Buy Hundred Palms Residences?EC?

                              • Hoi Hup is a renowned developer behind this project
                              • 531 exclusive units to select from 2 bedrooms to 5 bedroom
                              • Elegant interior and spacious layouts for each unit
                              • District 19 and close proximity to Kovan Town Centre & Kovan MRT
                              • Easy connectivity to?Central Expressway (CTE)
                              • Close proximity to prestigious school – Rosyth School
                              • Attractive pricing from $7xxK

                              So, that’s about the EC property investing that we have for you in this week post.

                              What’s your view? Feel free to comment below and share with us your view.


                              Seaside Residences: New Launch in Siglap Singapore

                              In SICOM, we always look into some?new investment opportunity to share with our readers. Today, we would like to talk more about a Property investment opportunity in Singapore – Seaside Residences.

                              About Seaside Residences

                              The Seaside Residences at Siglap?is?a new?residential development at?Siglap Link Road, Singapore. It is an upcoming 99 years project by Frasers Centrepoint near East Coast Park that aims to owner occupiers in the middle and upper segment.

                              Seaside Residence?is located along East Coast Parkway,?that will be a place call home to about 800-900 lavish sea view facing apartments. It is expected to offer a high capital appreciation for both home-owners and investors with its strategic location. Just 400 metres away from the condo to the nearest MRT – the upcoming Siglap MRT Station on Thomson-East Coast Line as well as the excellent connectivity to urban amenities in East Coast Park &?Katong.

                              About Property Investment

                              There is a difference between owning a property and using the property to grow our savings.

                              A property owner is defined as anyone who owns the property. Many people dream of owning more than one property in their lifetime, but few actually do. I believe there are many who are able to own more than one property but do not. Many people hold on to properties whose values have exceeded peak prices. To be precise, many people hold on to that one property they own, even though the value of that property has exceeded peak prices.

                              These property owners have the possibility of cashing out to buy more properties to multiply their assets but they do not do so, or they clog much later in life. Hence, they miss out on the opportunity of restructuring their assets so that they can own a second (or sometimes third) asset.

                              For property owners who wait till they are much older in life to buy another property, they miss out on reaping the benefits of owning multiple properties earlier in life.

                              Accumulating wealth via ‘savings is not just about how much money you save. It’s also about how fast you can grow your savings safely, systematically, and predictably. When we use our properties to grow our savings, we buy and sell when the price is right. We treat our mortgages as a form of forced savings. We do our research before making any decisions. The decision to buy or sell is based on a clear understanding of the prevailing situation that is supported by research and analysis.

                              We call this the “potential upside”. We follow a proven formula and continue to replicate previous successes, resulting in systematic growth for our assets. For me, the formula use to make all decisions is based on a strict set of guidelines, namely, what is the potential upside measured in terms of capital gain and rental yield. We are always in control.

                              We are never driven by emotions to buy and sell. When someone rushes to buy a property just because he sees everyone else doing it, or because “if I don’t buy it, the opportunity to make money will be gone”, or because “my best friend bought a unit – it must be a good buy”, then they have all made emotionally-driven purchases.

                              Neither are numerology and Feng Shui valid reasons to pay premiums for properties. Likewise, when you “fall in love” with your property and grow attached to it, it becomes difficult for you to let go and sell.?

                              Why Seaside Residences

                              With its location right across the ECP from East Coast Park, you will be able to enjoy the sea view in the comfort of your own home. The start of every work day will never be boring as you can start your day with an impressive view of the sunrise every morning. The perfect headstart with a beautiful sea view for the residents at seaside residences.

                              And after a one day of work, a wide variety of sporting activities will also be just right beside your home. This includes beach volleyball, cycling, cable skiing, and other water sports. There is also a hawker centre, as well as many cafes and restaurants, along with the entire stretch of East Coast Park for you to choose from should you wish to dine out somewhere close to home.

                              For more shopping and dining options, Parkway Parade is just a short drive away, where you will be able to find Cold Storage and Giant supermarket for your grocery needs. Other anchor tenants in Parkway Parade include Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Isetan, Best Denki and Harvey Norman.

                              Contact Seaside Residences Team

                              We pride to help more readers to be successful in their investment journey. If you?don’t want to miss out this opportunity, you can contact James our friend who are also the direct property agent of this new launch in Siglap. If you want to keep an eye on it, you can also like the Seaside Residences facebook page.

                              Small Investments You Can Make Now on a Limited Budget

                              Image result for Small Investments

                              What is your reason why you have not done any investments yet? Is it because you do not have enough money? Perhaps it is because you barely have enough money left after you have paid for all of your bills. If there is one thing that you should remember about investing, it is this: You do not have to be a millionaire to start making investments.

                              Even if you only have a small amount of money available, you can use that to start investing in various things now. You may never know, after some time, your investments may blossom to the point that you can already purchase a condominium that is located at Tanah Merah. Just remember that you should have a positive attitude about the things that you are going to invest on. The more positive you are, the better your choices are going to be.

                              One of the small investment options that is available right now is getting a DRP. This stands for Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Basically, this allows you to buy stocks of certain companies without the help of a broker. It will be easy to participate as long as you can buy one share from the company. By doing this type of investment, you can invest a certain amount every month. It does not matter whether the stocks are down or up, as long as you can make steady investments, you can make more money in the long run.


                              Gain more information about making small investments from here:

                              Another thing that you can invest on is mutual funds. You may be wondering at this point how you can invest on mutual funds when it would require you to spend quite a lot of money. Gone are the days when mutual funds are so expensive. There are some that you can purchase now that are affordable and may provide awesome returns in the long run. Remember to not limit yourself to just one stock alone. You can own a hundred different ones and still make a profit in the future.


                              One of the most obvious investments that is often overlooked is starting a business. You may never know, by the time that your business kicks off, you may have enough funds just in time for the launch of Grandeur Park Residences. If you think about it, a property may be a good investment too, right?

                              Condo Investments – Singapore

                              Investing in condos can be very complex. I found this cool post ?and wanted to share with you.When I saw this I wanted to share. The original blogpost is available here. If you are interested to know about Grandeur Park Residences Info,?continue reading the post further

                              Grandeur Park Residences is the latest up and coming private property project in Tanah Merah. As the news and publicity is not on a mass scale yet, if you read this article, great! If you are looking to invest in a property project and reap good returns, then read on.

                              Tanah Merah has been a sweet location for many private property projects and it is a favorite place by many property investors. If you have missed out many investment opportunities in Tanah Merah projects, then this is the opportunity you must not missed.

                              Here’s why Grandeur Park Residences?is highly favored by investors.

                              1) Close to Tanah Merah MRT

                              Needless to say, you know that any property project close to MRT stations are highly popular and favoured by tenants. With close distance to MRT, anyone who stay near there can travel around easily, and with Singapore’s MRT network, it is easy to go anywhere with the MRT.

                              Plus, Tanah Merah is not just another MRT station. It is more like an ‘interchange of MRT station’. Tanah Merah is connected to the Expo and Changi Airport Station. When I say Expo, I’m not talking about having a lot of people visiting exhibitions at Expo. I’m referring to Changi Business Park which is just beside Expo MRT station. With Changi Business Park, you can expect your property unit at Grandeur Park to be in high demand by expats or professionals looking for a stay near their workplace.

                              2) Close to Famous Schools

                              Grandeur Park Condo is also near to Anglican High (secondary) and Temasek Junior College and Victoria Junior College. These are one of the top tertiary schools in Singapore. Plus, Singapore’s 4th government university, SUTD is situated at Expo too! Singapore’s University of Technology and Design is expecting students from Singapore and other countries. This present an opportunity for tenants who are university students who want to stay near their university.

                              Dont forget to read the original post.

                              If you liked what you?read, subscribe to our blog!

                              Best Things to Invest In The Latter Part of 2016

                              Image result for Best Things to Invest In

                              Can you name one of the biggest misconceptions of people regarding making investments? The one that will top the list is probably, “You need to have a large amount of money in order to start investing.” Having a large sum of money can help if you want to get big profits immediately but you can always start small and then increase your investments as you get more money in the long run.

                              Who would not want to get extra money in the long run? You may need the money to be approved to get a housing loan Singapore or perhaps you like to have enough savings just in case something unexpected happens. You can get to know the pros of investing from here:

                              You may have a limited budget but this does not mean that there are no opportunities available for you. Here are some of the things that you should consider so that you can start investing now:

                              • DRIP (Divident Reimbursement Plan) – This will allow you to purchase stocks of a certain company. The dividends that you will earn will then be used to purchase additional shares. This is great because you do not need to have a broker in order to get discounted stocks and to make additional purchases.
                              • Individual Stock Shares – Some people may assume that purchasing individual stock shares is the same with DRIP but you may like this more because the commission that you earn may be paid to you in cash instead of purchasing new dividends like DRIP.
                              • ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) – This is a type of investment that you can take if you do not want to pay for high fees. The only downside to this is that it can be risky. Remember that there are a lot of taxable events that may occur if you choose this type of investment.
                              • Treasury Bills – This is a type of investment that you can choose if you want to be sure that you are going to get your money’s worth. It does not have high returns but you know that the returns are always guaranteed.
                              • Real Estate – Of course, if you do not have enough money to purchase a property, you may think that this isn’t something that you should do but actually, you can also consider Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), you will be entitled to some of the amount of money that they make selling properties.

                              With all of these investment options that are available, which one are you going to choose?

                              Investing Small Amounts of Money Effectively

                              Image result for Investing Small Amounts of Money

                              You may not be someone that will be considered rich but you have dreams and you would like to reach them. You may dream of investing in things that will pay off later on but you do not know how to start because you do not have a huge amount of money.

                              You may think that in order to invest, you need to have a lot of money. This is not how the world works right now. There are so many investments that will allow you to start small. Of course, you can make better investments as the money that you get will also be greater.

                              There are some qualities that you need in order to become a good investor:

                              • Patience – You cannot expect that just because you have invested something, you will already get money immediately. Sometimes it takes months and even years before investments pay off.
                              • Discipline – You may be tempted to act impulsively especially if you have gotten quite a huge amount of money from what you have invested in but this might make you lose the beauty and the effectiveness of your investment. Be disciplined and if you could, ask a professional about it.
                              • Diligence – When you are out of timing in doing something, this can change the future of your investments. Take time to check out all of the twists and turns of the investment that you have made.

                              You can learn more investment tips from here:

                              There are times when you can learn more by attending some talks wherein presentation design services SG has been hired in order to give a presentation that you will never forget. Yet there are also some things that you will learn on your own.

                              Remember that you should not just go with the bandwagon when it comes to investing because you may end up regretting it. You can do careful research and learn more about the terms that are used when it comes to making some investments. Hiring professionals will always be a good idea if you do not know anything about the market but you have to pay for their professional services.

                              It is also best that you would explore different investment options. You are not recommended to place all of your money in an investment that seems promising but might cause you to fail. Allot small amounts in different investments and add more in investments that give you more money.

                              Your exposure to the market will let you learn more about it more than what you could ever read in books and in articles. Do not be afraid of making investments because as long as you have the qualities mentioned above, you are bound to succeed.

                              Buying and Selling Musical Instruments

                              If you have your own violin because of the kids violin lessons Singapore that you have received before, you know that you can always improve it so that you can have a better violin that will allow you to play even better. You may consider your violin as one of your most prized possessions and this is normal regardless of what type it is and how much money you used in order to pay for it. As long as a musical instrument has some sort of value, you know that you do not want to let go of it.

                              If in case you are planning to sell your own violin to have a better one you can use for violin lessons with The Happy Violinist, you may need to contact an appraiser to know how much it truly costs. If you find this too time consuming, you can search online for models that are similar to yours so you can also price your violin almost the same with the rest of the other violins that are being sold. You just need to make sure that your listing will stand out so that you can sell your violin or any other musical instrument with ease. You can gain more info from here:

                              Here are the things that you can do to sell your musical instrument with ease:

                              1. Be honest about the current condition of your musical instrument. You do not want potential buyers to expect too much from the instrument that you are selling.
                              2. Place a lot of pictures of the musical instrument that you are selling. If potential buyers would ask for more, you may do this as well.
                              3. If there are some special features or qualities that need to be mentioned, do not hesitate to include those information in the description.

                              Now when you are buying musical instruments, there are also some things that you should ponder on:

                              1. You have to decide if you would like to buy a new or used musical instrument. Used instruments are recommended for those who have never played before or those who would like to collect vintage instruments.
                              2. Make sure that you are paying the correct amount for the musical instrument. You do not want to be duped into purchasing something that you can buy cheaply.
                              3. Get to know your options first before you make your final choice. Making a decision will not be easy but is always possible.


                              The items that you will get should always be in a form of an investment. Now that you know the things that you should do, you will be able to buy, sell and perhaps even trade your musical instruments.

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