I have a friend who is an accomplished music teacher in Singapore. He wishes to start a career in music teaching, by setting up his own music school. So the first step to start any class, is to find a location, or a space where he can conduct classes.

However, we all know that Singapore is a land-scarce area, and hence, rental rates for spaces are usually high. But again, instead of just looking at the high price, we have to see if it is worth it to rent a shop space for lesson!

So in this article, let’s examine and help this friend of mine to decide if an investment in a shop space in Singapore is worth it.

Location Location Location

First of all, a shop space is not just a space to conduct classes. A shop space is also one where you can use to get students. If you want to get more students to your classes, it is important to be located in somewhere popular, or in estate or residential areas where there are families staying around. This will give you higher chance of people walking by and registering for classes with your centre.

When you talk about popularity and human traffic of the shop space, the rental rates will also vary. The more popular it is, landlords will definitely want a higher rental rate from you. This is because of opportunity cost. If you don’t want to pay the high rent, the landlord can still rent it to someone who is willing to pay. Hence, they won’t ‘discount’ the rental rate for you, for whatever reason.

As a result, shop spaces in shopping malls are always high. Even higher in central shopping malls, shopping districts where there are always many people all day round.

Students Students Students?

So a shop space is one consideration.

Another consideration? Where to find students!

Your music school is not really a music school, if there are no students learning there! So to get students to your school, the easiest choice is to open your school in a busy shopping mall, with lots of people, and hopefully parents and kids will walk by, and register classes with you.

On other hand… what if you can’t afford a shop space in a popular shopping mall?

Don’t fret!

Here’s another solution.

Register your studio with a piano agency like Singapore Pianist. ?It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching kids or adult piano lessons. The agency will help you match students suitable and match your requirement. In other words, let the agency do the work for you.

You just focus on teaching the students well!

Does Location Matter?

Back to our first question.

If I can engage the help of a piano agency to get me students, and not paying high rent for my music school in a popular shopping centre, where else can I conduct the classes?

Some piano teachers start off by teaching in their own home, or in their parent’s condo, as long as there’s a piano at their place. As long as it is convenient to travel to, more parents are fine to travel to the teacher’s place.

So…Is a shop space?worth the investment?

We can’t say it is not worth it. However, we have to see the return on investment, for every investment we put in. A shop space may get high foot traffic, compared to your own home studio. But the high rental may set you back in the loss for at least 1 year, before you can start making profits for your music classes.

As such, it is better to start off by paying low rent (or use your own place for FREE rent…) and invest in agency services to help you get students. There’s where you can start seeing earnings into your classes!