In SICOM, we always look into some?new investment opportunity to share with our readers. Today, we would like to talk more about a Property investment opportunity in Singapore – Seaside Residences.

About Seaside Residences

The Seaside Residences at Siglap?is?a new?residential development at?Siglap Link Road, Singapore. It is an upcoming 99 years project by Frasers Centrepoint near East Coast Park that aims to owner occupiers in the middle and upper segment.

Seaside Residence?is located along East Coast Parkway,?that will be a place call home to about 800-900 lavish sea view facing apartments. It is expected to offer a high capital appreciation for both home-owners and investors with its strategic location. Just 400 metres away from the condo to the nearest MRT – the upcoming Siglap MRT Station on Thomson-East Coast Line as well as the excellent connectivity to urban amenities in East Coast Park &?Katong.

About Property Investment

There is a difference between owning a property and using the property to grow our savings.

A property owner is defined as anyone who owns the property. Many people dream of owning more than one property in their lifetime, but few actually do. I believe there are many who are able to own more than one property but do not. Many people hold on to properties whose values have exceeded peak prices. To be precise, many people hold on to that one property they own, even though the value of that property has exceeded peak prices.

These property owners have the possibility of cashing out to buy more properties to multiply their assets but they do not do so, or they clog much later in life. Hence, they miss out on the opportunity of restructuring their assets so that they can own a second (or sometimes third) asset.

For property owners who wait till they are much older in life to buy another property, they miss out on reaping the benefits of owning multiple properties earlier in life.

Accumulating wealth via ‘savings is not just about how much money you save. It’s also about how fast you can grow your savings safely, systematically, and predictably. When we use our properties to grow our savings, we buy and sell when the price is right. We treat our mortgages as a form of forced savings. We do our research before making any decisions. The decision to buy or sell is based on a clear understanding of the prevailing situation that is supported by research and analysis.

We call this the “potential upside”. We follow a proven formula and continue to replicate previous successes, resulting in systematic growth for our assets. For me, the formula use to make all decisions is based on a strict set of guidelines, namely, what is the potential upside measured in terms of capital gain and rental yield. We are always in control.

We are never driven by emotions to buy and sell. When someone rushes to buy a property just because he sees everyone else doing it, or because “if I don’t buy it, the opportunity to make money will be gone”, or because “my best friend bought a unit – it must be a good buy”, then they have all made emotionally-driven purchases.

Neither are numerology and Feng Shui valid reasons to pay premiums for properties. Likewise, when you “fall in love” with your property and grow attached to it, it becomes difficult for you to let go and sell.?

Why Seaside Residences

With its location right across the ECP from East Coast Park, you will be able to enjoy the sea view in the comfort of your own home. The start of every work day will never be boring as you can start your day with an impressive view of the sunrise every morning. The perfect headstart with a beautiful sea view for the residents at seaside residences.

And after a one day of work, a wide variety of sporting activities will also be just right beside your home. This includes beach volleyball, cycling, cable skiing, and other water sports. There is also a hawker centre, as well as many cafes and restaurants, along with the entire stretch of East Coast Park for you to choose from should you wish to dine out somewhere close to home.

For more shopping and dining options, Parkway Parade is just a short drive away, where you will be able to find Cold Storage and Giant supermarket for your grocery needs. Other anchor tenants in Parkway Parade include Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Isetan, Best Denki and Harvey Norman.

Contact Seaside Residences Team

We pride to help more readers to be successful in their investment journey. If you?don’t want to miss out this opportunity, you can contact James our friend who are also the direct property agent of this new launch in Siglap. If you want to keep an eye on it, you can also like the Seaside Residences facebook page.